Shot Works Pro

    Shot Works Pro gives you a great way to keep track of your firearms, ammunition, accessories, performance, and maintenance in a very secure manner.

    All data is encrypted with password protected strong AES 256 encryption, and none of your data ever is sent over the Internet.  Backups and restores of data make it easy to keep a digital copy in a safe for insurance purposes.

    Shot Works Pro tracks the following types of shooting related items:

    • Firearms – Purchase and sale information, condition, round counts fired through the weapon, and maintenance events.
    • Ammunition – Track types, lots, and counts of ammo, and also tracks your reloading data for that ammunition if you hand load.
    • Accessories – Scopes, slings, holsters, safety, cleaning equipment, and anything else.
    • Maintenance – From cleaning to gunsmith work.
    • Reloading Supplies – Track components like powder, primers, and bullets.
    • Scoring – Bulls eye targets to competition to hunting. The equipment used and shooting conditions are some of the trackable data you can store.

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