Pricing and Purchase

Shot Works Pro is provided as a fully featured demo.  But in demo mode, only 2 items of each category may be entered. Such as only 2 firearms, or 2 ammunition entries. To enable unlimited items, please purchase and register your copy.  Your license does not expire and will be good for all future versions and releases of Shot Works Pro.

Shot Works Pro license is sold at a price of $29.95 per user.  Per User means that you can use this software and license on all of your own computers, but not share or give your license to other people.

After purchase, a license key file will be sent via email to the licensed user typically within 24 hours.  

Installing Your License

Once you have received your license key in email, you install the license by starting the software, and before entering your password, drag and drop the SWPLicense.key file right on top of the password entry form. You’ll see a popup box saying your license has been accepted, and you can use Shot Works Pro normally.

The license key file is permanently registered to you, so please keep a copy of it.

Shot Works Pro

Purchase a license key for Shot Works Pro.

This license key does not expire, and may be used on all computers that you use Shot Works Pro.