Download and Install

Shot Works Pro can be installed using either of two different methods.  The Standard Install Method will install Shot Works Pro on your computer like any normal program.  The Standalone Method will allow you to put Shot Works Pro on a memory stick or other removable memory, or anywhere else you’d like on your computer.  Putting Shot Works Pro and all of it’s data on a memory stick is useful so you can store it in a safe location away from your computer.

The Standalone Method is preferred, as it allows Shot Works to be more portable, such as a USB stick, Google Drive, etc.

Standard Install Method

The Shot Works Pro installer for Windows can be downloaded here.

Prerequisites:  Microsoft .Net 2.0 SP2 Framework.  Don’t worry, the installer will go out and get this and install it if needed.


  • Download from the link above and run the installer.
  • Follow the install wizard.
  • Run Shot Works Pro from your Windows Start Menu.
  • The first time you will be prompted for a new password.

To upgrade:  Simply run the newest version of the install, and it will automatically upgrade.

Standalone Method

The ZIP file containing Shot Works Pro can be downloaded here.

Prerequisites:  Microsoft .Net 2.0 SP2 Framework.  There is no installer, so you’ll have to make sure that the computer you run this on has Microsoft .Net 2.0 or newer.  You may need to enable the Framework on Windows 11.

  • Unzip the files to a folder on your computer, or a memory stick.  There should be ShotWorksPro.exe and a folder called SWPData.  It is important that when you unzip, you see in your target location both the EXE file and the SWPData folder.
  • Double click the ShotWorksPro.exe file.
  • The first time you will be prompted for a new password.

To upgrade:  Download and unzip, and copy ShotWorksPro.exe over the existing version on your computer or memory stick.


If you’ve already installed Shot Works Pro using one method and would like to install it using the other method, simply run a backup from the Utilities menu in Shot Works Pro, and then use that backup file to restore after you’ve installed using the other method.